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Breaking the “Bound” Barrier

So dead ends lead to new directions? Sounds legit. They say, “Don’t give up. Find the opportunity in loss.” But who are they, anyway? Those who have stabbed a flag in their goal?

It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Clinging to a goal and hanging on in savage winds while sharp edges of crumpled old leaves fly in our wide open eyes? Is it possible to endure that pain but not become jaded? Sure, only thing is, going against all odds is an arduous journey, which includes our personal barriers, like being bound by time, finances, criticism, learning differences, etcetera, plus the ever present competition also.

I have barriers I needed to accept before I could continue with my project, but I’m not complaining. Not anymore.

As you can see, I write. As you cannot see, I have dyslexia. My spelling errors, which are a lack of ability to retain many word spellings in my brain, and mistakes due to reversals, are seemingly endless to edit. Nonetheless, dyslexia serves me with a mind movie kind of imagination. I constantly think in images, creating story scenes with  ‘people’ you can’t forget in realistic fiction. I also turn things and images in many directions, obviously letters and numbers. But I don’t use a measuring tape to hang pictures or curtain rods because of my spacial ability. I know if a piece of furniture will fit a space, and I’m within an inch just by eyeballing. A three demential view of two dimensions is common. Hence, I don’t complain about dyslexia.

ADD is Another Directional Daydream. My mind flits. I form multifaceted stories with this barrier/ability. While writing, I perceive the present, future and past, quite similar to a movie. In the end, just as any daydreamer does, I come back to the present. This forms my plot, subplots and brings the story to a plausible conclusion.

However, beating the odds to have a manuscript accepted is an ongoing battle. This is my last draft—time to find a publisher! Not so fast. It can never be fast. Haste is waste in my world of dyslexia, and ADD takes the scenic route. Uh oh, so not my last draft. Throw on more coffee.

However, I did my time—I did it! I broke the “bound” barrier by respecting my barriers. Accepting what I’m bound by released me. My novel manuscript is back with my traditional publisher while I wait to see if she is pleased with my edits according to her instruction. This is an exhilarating and nail-biting good time!

I studied dyslexia and ADD and discovered what I should expect, and what I should respect about these gifts. My imagination is rich; I must be patient with the side effects. There sure is opportunity in loss.

Thanks for reading.

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Oh-so-human Imaginativeness

MIND’S EYE, Perceptions Poetry

Can almost feel the foghorn’s sound vibrating in my chest,
leaving through my bare fingers.
Can almost see the gray shape—
an epic ship in the inky air of morn,
parting waves, like a brute splashing through a wading pool.
Can almost taste the salt, airborne particles of the sea
splashed up like a fountain at the nose of the beastly ship,
and I inhale deeply.

Even the trees stand, blurry inside of it, this reverie.
The minuscule molecules of water hanging
in the damp oxygen wetting those skinny, bald branches,
and making the horizon join seamlessly
at the ground where trees grow from.

A foggy, enigmatic morning;
clouds bouncing lightly on the soil,
sun still covered in a fireproof blanket,
but stretching awake.

Makes my mind’s eye conjure up my location,
like I’m gazing out of a waterproof window
at the ocean’s vast traffic of whales leaping,
dolphins giggling, waves throwing fishes.

This cruise that cost me nothing,
but my weightlessness of thought,
and willingness to travel alone.

I like that. ADD is liberating.

© L. P. Penner, 2015

God doesn’t make scraps. ADD/HD can be purposed.

Thanks for reading, God bless~


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User-Friendly Labels for “ADD/ADHD”


These days there’s medication to calm humans with the gift of distraction. It’s mostly little humans who haven’t yet had a chance to explore it. This is our educational system, at least in the western world, anyway. ADHD kids are a handful, but they mature into hard workers. ADD kids evolve into productive people, too.

When we think about it, isn’t it difficult for anyone to sit for an hour and a half or so and just listen and record notes and pay full attention while being schooled? Perhaps many are able, but the deep thinkers have distracting thoughts. Daydreams we call this. Some say it with a disapproving facial expression like it’s useless. “Daydreaming again…” And yet the dreamers’ reveries, musing, and fantasies create music, and life-changing inventions, soul-arresting art, and written stories or information that outlasts readers’ lives.

Attention Deficit Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Disorder? I find that a tad judgmental. Anyone or no one may agree.

To be more accurate, I have user-friendly labels for this so-called affliction.

Attentional Dreaming Discoveries
Attentional Directive Detour.

Attentional Differences However Devising
Attentional Differences Hail Development.

If the standard label was issued to your intelligent mind, your child’s or any other human you know, the accused are in the good company of these humans. Interestingly, ADD/HD persons may also have or may develop bipolar “disorder,” and you’ll recognize some individuals on the list:

Albert Einstein
Leonardo da Vinci
Robin Williams
Bruce Jenner
Charles Schwab
Henry Winkler
Danny Glover
Walt Disney
John Lennon
Greg Louganis
Winston Churchill
Henry Ford
Stephen Hawkings
Jules Verne
Alexander Graham Bell
Woodrow Wilson
Hans Christian Anderson
Nelson Rockefeller
Thomas Edison
Gen. George Patton
Agatha Christie
John F. Kennedy
Whoopi Goldberg
Thomas Thoreau
David H. Murdock
Dustin Hoffman
Pete Rose
Russell White
Jason Kidd
Russell Varian
Louis Pasteur
Werner von Braun
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Robert Kennedy
Prince Charles
Gen. Westmoreland
Eddie Rickenbacker
Gregory Boyington
Harry Belafonte
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Mariel Hemingway
Steve McQueen
George C. Scott
Tom Smothers
Suzanne Somers
Lindsay Wagner
George Bernard Shaw
Joan Rivers
Jim Carey
Carl Lewis
Jackie Stewart
“Magic” Johnson
John Corcoran
Sylvester Stallone

This list was scooped from which is an accurate and dependable site for information regarding mental health.

Thanks for reading~

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Cell and Chain


What started out as fun has become, well, not fun. And dangerous perhaps.

I’m driving and I see this kid propped up by his handlebars, on a banana seat and he half-ass steers himself away from me. He lifts his face and takes a brief, hurried look at the road, but not me. I slow down, look at him texting on his rusty handlebars. Wait now… yeah—no—he’s on Facebook. On a bike. On the road. I say, “Hey, guy. Are you not worried about getting hit?” I think it sounded like I was patient and calm. Good. ‘Cause I feel like I appeared snotty. Kids have a sense of entitlement; I very much dislike their attitudes. Nonetheless, I love teens.

He let his foot drag and stopped the bike. He shrugs, shakes his head. He said, “Who made you the texting police?” Pushes off and scrolls, peddling slowly.

I want to get mad and tell him he’s dense. But I feel sorry for the kid. He’s riding alone, but in the company of Facebook users. What does this kid do when winter storms fill the roads? I suppose he just walks. He seems to be going nowhere, and maybe it doesn’t matter if he arrives anywhere. Traffic was coming, I had to move on. I said, “Careful, okay?”

He nodded, and I think the corner of his mouth raised his cheek. Briefly, though. Just for a sec.

When we baby boomers were that kid’s age, we all had bikes and we ran in packs. We didn’t even know what a cordless house phone was. We had Packman, Archie magazines, and we twisted the curly phone cord around our fingers while making plans to meet up or drop by each others’ homes. If our parents were on the phone we walked blocks and blocks to each others’ home. We did not know that so-and-so just made delicious spaghetti. We didn’t know what a profile pic was. Photos were at home in an album or box. Summer nights we played hide and go seek in neighbours’ back yards. The people in my neighbourhood couldn’t afford fences, so we got it goin’, running like untamed beasts.

Humans are distracted by ping-ding-ring thing noises.  Some keep their phone off, many do not. My hubby is a commodities relocation manager. This means he drives transport. He gets lonely and bored, so my cell phone rings off his Bluetooth. It makes me tense when I’m driving. I hope nothing has happened to him. A pretty Zen harp. I used to like it, but I throw up a little in my throat when it rings now. I think I’m an introvert, pretty sure. I couldn’t be hooked into the texting thing or social media on the go. I prefer to write in peace on my desktop, and go out to get away from me. If that makes any sense? To me it’s a cell and chain, I’d have it off mostly if I didn’t have to be available in case my hubby got hurt on the highway.  No ping-ding-ring thing all day long for me, thanks.

I am curious, however, about how humans manage the distractions of the cell sounds.  I have the attention span of a common goldfish, so I just won’t deal with such interruptions when I’m trying not to speed in my car. ADD they said. That means Attentional Daydream Disorientation. Not so bad; not ideal.

Thanks for reading~