Writer's Block


TICKLE TO NONE Wakefulness grows wide—an all-encompassing mind vibe! Awake before cawing crows ‘cause I can’t sleep at night. Mind’s on a mission, a welcome surprise. That’s how it goes for writing most times. Ideas assemble side by side. A creative tickle for fictional stories, or truths as a riddle. Flow…flow…. Don’t quit—don’t go! It’s so fine; wakeful wide. Don’t mind time disappearing into the tickle. But ground control always comes along, takes me down, steals the tickle, strips the fun. Sleep now, through dawn and coarse-voiced crows. Lethargic; can’t write lyrics. Nothing rhymes. No fictional triumph, either. Try anyway… write limerick junk. Tickle’s gone… Oh no… blocked mind, filtration’s on. Deaf, blind; down time. © L. P. Penner, 2015