Animal abuse not tolerated in small city in Ontario, Human Behaviour

In Ontario, Animal Lovers are Outraged and Talking

Tarrick Martin is gaining a fast audience as news spread about the murder of his dog, Lady. Normally I wouldn’t post about such atrocities, but this happened in my home town, and I am proud to see the outreach of support for this innocent dog.

Martin has been severely beaten, and the news is, more harsh beatings are to come before his court appearance. He killed and buried Lady in a shallow grave by the train tracks in close proximity to where children play. Authorities exhumed her and found solid evidence she was beaten to death with heavy blows, likely the shovel Martin dug her grave her with.

On Facebook, several photos have surfaced. In all the photos where Lady was present, she looks terrified, as in this photo. This is an animal who has been abused repeatedly. My guess is she tried to fight back and he took her to the place where he would bury her after his rage was spent on her.

Martin will be in  London, Ontario on trial.

Feel free to share this post, in fact, please do! We all need to see how people are fed up with innocent animals being abused and murdered. Murder is murder. Make this man’s face well know. The example has been set.

If any of this news in inaccurate, please pardon the errors. Social media is not always accurate, but rest assured, Lady was beaten to death.

Thanks for taking the time to read and share.


One thought on “In Ontario, Animal Lovers are Outraged and Talking

  1. Chris H says:

    Arraignment hearing at Elgin County Courthouse in St. Thomas, ON. Tuesday, February 26th, 2019, at 10:00 am Courtroom 102. Support Justice for Lady, and increasing investigations to uncover and stop animal abuse.


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