Human Nature

Desensitized Rather Than Affected

Anytime is a good time to hop on a popular social media and see them. Colourful messages. Text that seems as if it’s the first time a human might see, read and heed these quotes and antidotes.

Some are antidotes in it that they offer hope. Or do they? Not to those who post their own squares of colour and text communication boasting just the opposite.

It’s especially prevalent this time of year: Christmas. And I’m sorry if that word offends humans reading this. But that’s what the season has been called for long enough I can’t change my ways. I am Canadian, after all. Those cards on social media, though… even those who believe in Christ are being bombarded. Having these friends circulate my newsfeed has advantages. And disadvantages. Why can’t people realize they aren’t the only ones to send these posts into cyberspace?

The messages are being sent out more than the twelve disciples themselves could absorb, I think. By now the message is out. “Be kind, believe, be saved, have faith, trust,” and so on, with prose attached to back the statements. And I find nothing erroneous about the messages, it’s the volume of them.

I follow Christ. And many do. And many don’t. Pushing these cards on social media won’t make a believer out of doubter, skeptic, science follower, agnostic, nihilist, atheist, or a human who in ambivalent about it. Not because the messages in themselves are ineffective, rather they’ve lost their affect, because the social media is swamped. They are some things a believer will click a like, because they agree. But how often in the few hours or less spent on the popular social media can anyone endure this inundation? At Christmastime the message of Christ gets out there again and again and again. I wish the standard could be acting more like Christ taught. Everything in moderation to start.

Also, he has a sense of humour. Let’s see more of that in good taste. Like Jesus burns a batch of Christmas cookies and pours gobs of icing over them and sticks a sign in to warn of possible charcoal staining on teeth. He did his best. He was a carpenter by trade, baker by aid, to who’s ever lucky enough laugh in the kitchen with him.

I’m not saying the idea of reminding others of the season’s meaning is terrible; although, it’s just like having dark chocolate so many times a day the taste changes on the palate by covering the taste buds.

I’m desensitized. Are you?

Thanks for reading. 🙂