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Folly to Wisdom


To be humbled is the result of enduring complex hardship. Humans must learn many cogent lessons from suffering in order to progress from folly to wisdom.

Even those who have mental illness will learn from suffering. They learn compassion, kindness and sensitivity. They learn to pull strength from where they thought was none.

Humans who suffer physical ailments learn much the same as mentally ill humans.

It’s anguish then that teaches we humans to turn from our egos and embrace our spiritual perspective. It’s learning to share our methods of giving what we want in order to cope with what we have.

Robin Williams gave much, because he suffered much.

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2 thoughts on “Folly to Wisdom

  1. Those with mental illness are not different from all others. We all suffer afflictions. If society were more inclusive perhaps, those who suffer from mental illnesses would suffer less but God seems to have a plan more like what you describe. The most amazing works come out of suffering including, our salvation.

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