Human Behaviour, Human Nature

Oh-so-human Imaginativeness

MIND’S EYE, Perceptions Poetry

Can almost feel the foghorn’s sound vibrating in my chest,
leaving through my bare fingers.
Can almost see the gray shape—
an epic ship in the inky air of morn,
parting waves, like a brute splashing through a wading pool.
Can almost taste the salt, airborne particles of the sea
splashed up like a fountain at the nose of the beastly ship,
and I inhale deeply.

Even the trees stand, blurry inside of it, this reverie.
The minuscule molecules of water hanging
in the damp oxygen wetting those skinny, bald branches,
and making the horizon join seamlessly
at the ground where trees grow from.

A foggy, enigmatic morning;
clouds bouncing lightly on the soil,
sun still covered in a fireproof blanket,
but stretching awake.

Makes my mind’s eye conjure up my location,
like I’m gazing out of a waterproof window
at the ocean’s vast traffic of whales leaping,
dolphins giggling, waves throwing fishes.

This cruise that cost me nothing,
but my weightlessness of thought,
and willingness to travel alone.

I like that. ADD is liberating.

© L. P. Penner, 2015

God doesn’t make scraps. ADD/HD can be purposed.

Thanks for reading, God bless~



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