Human Behaviour, Human Nature

Oh-so-human Psychiatric Suffering


I have been where you are
in bloodless confines,
damaged heart,
puffy scars—
combating gossip-fueled paranoia.

Let’s go spend some time
on expensive truths;
let me try to dissuade you, sister,
from cryptic dysphoria.

Just you and me talking
in the soft, calm night
outside this human mocking;
you can trust my seasoned insight.

Indifference, ignorance, and fatigue
grow from seeds in them;
relatives and fair weather friends’ stimulus
lead nowhere but to
your psychological hell.

It’s okay, it’s just us.
I won’t ever expect too much.
Your mind is fragile,
your brain’s not well.

Why don’t you put on a jacket
to dispel the harassing chill
—cover up your sleeve
where your heart dwells,
humans are unkind,
it happens all the time.
Some see your sleeve heart
then exploit your mental mind.

It’s okay, it’s just us.
I won’t ever tell
you can’t snap into well,
but snap out of cutting yourself!

Tuck in your soul,
like a door locks
on the place you live, sister.
Then it’s up to you who gets in.

© Lynn P. Penner, 2015


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