encouragement, Human Nature

Today is Tomorrow’s Memory


Life is grand, but only if you live it.

Laugh out loud when it bubbles up instead of holding it in, see reactions from people and laugh again. Watch and see how many start laughing with you. Roll your pants up after a summer rainstorm and walk in sticky mud. We’re all washable, try it. Drive for miles if you need to and hike the forest and surround yourself with fluttering leaves, kiss the breeze as if it were life’s breath. Play a fun trick on a friend and giggle. Dive into relaxing music and listen like you’re a part of it. Watch a sunrise and sunset within the same day.  Forgive someone and set yourself free of bitterness. Mostly, remember that love is the forever available fruit within reach of every hand, and be at peace with today, because today is tomorrow’s memory.

Life is grand, so find ways to really, truly live.  Good memories can get we humans through a bad day, so assemble good recollections of some kind every day and make a smile easy to achieve every tomorrow.

Thanks for reading~


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