Human Nature, Spiritual

The Uncivilized Ego


Our human nature may be natural, but it’s the natural we’re trying to tame. This is the ego—worst thing to happen to humans, really. Boot camp down here on this planet is so complex; our egos run uncivilized through our hearts. We are all here to learn how to love unconditionally. Not to say iniquitous persons and demonic behaviours are included in a love-no-matter-what stipulation, evil is evil. We hate what is evil; in a perfect world, we would all recoil from what’s sinister.

Humans are here on the earth to learn enthusiasm for kindness, compassion, altruism. We must be trained to realize that egos can’t do that. Our sense of self-importance and self-esteem exists on a fine line of the me, me, I, I attitude and an ability to survive. But ego is likely the cause a  lot of divorces, tension in the workplace, jealousy, greed, etcetera.

Konecky & Konecky published a book by William Hone called, The Lost Books of the Bible. Jesus’ childhood is a fine example of just how fully human He was on earth. He also had to learn unconditional love, then grown, He taught why it is so important to realize the our ego is our human nature, and egos are primitive and destructive.

I have an ego. We all do. Just how much we let it run screaming naked through out hearts determines what effect we have on the humans around us, and ourselves.

Unconditional love versus ego. Boot camp. Do the best you can, fellow humans. We’re all on this planet to be schooled.

© Lynn P. Penner, 2015


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