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A Birthday Wrongly Noticed


Just a quick note today, because I’d like to acknowledge someone’s real birthday.

Jesus’ birthday was September 11. If you google words like “Jesus’ real birthday,” you’ll find numerous articles to choose from. Scientists have gathered information about the ‘star’ the three wise men followed. I’ll let you read for yourself what articles say, because there’re many to choose from and I leave you to make up your own mind; however, it makes sense now why the ‘terrorist attack,’ a world-changing event, happened on 911. Could a scornful act towards God be more accurate than to acknowledge Christ’s birthday with evil mayhem?

We have our different views and beliefs about what happened that dreadful day, but in the end, the 911 occurrence was planned on that day in September for a reason.

I’ll never forget what happened, nor will most people of the world. And today is that anniversary. And Jesus’ birthday.

So today is September 11—happy birthday Jesus, I’m grateful you were physically born into this material world to rescue we humans from our own demise.  

I’m still celebrating Christmas, but as a family gathering and a good turkey dinner. And warm-looking lights that twinkle and set the ambiance as a peaceful and grateful day. But today I will celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a bouquet of vibrant flowers on my table and a song that I’ll make up to dedicate to the One who came and did more that any man has ever done or will do. I can’t sing, but Jesus already knows that isn’t my talent.




4 thoughts on “A Birthday Wrongly Noticed

    • Thanks, Pam. Is was nice of you to take the time to read and comment.When I first heard of the real birth date, I felt compelled to look it up, and was surprised to see how many articles have been written. I’m a September baby. September is my favourite month, and now, it’s even more favoured. 🙂

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      • It’s been a long time since I looked into that and I was surprised by September, they used to lean toward March. I guess if we were to know for sure it would be written but there is never a wrong day to celebrate the incarnation of Christ!

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      • September makes sense, I think. I know someone who knows someone who has travelled to the area of Jesus’ birth. Apparently it’s really cold in December. Too cold for a child to survive birth outdoors. The scientists believe the alignment of three planets were the same as the bright star we see now. At that time the perfect alignment was Sept. 11. I’d have to go back and check, but I think it’s Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. But you’re so right—anytime is a great time to celebrate Jesus’ birth. 🙂

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