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Sky Dad


It’s just my opinion I suppose, but the old-fashioned mode of expression makes me slump a bit. I mean the phrases still used in this day and age regarding our human lives and whether we will live contentedly forever beyond our earthy form. Will we be welcomed into the sublime afterlife when we give up our ghost? The key phrase of language for this seems too outdated to me.

It sounds so old-school to me when people ask if I’m “saved,” and I want to correct them and tell them, “Yes, I’ve been rescued.” Rescued from the belief that death is the end of my soul, exempt from the idea that God is only there for religious people who follow a sect, and liberated from an eternity of lamentations. Rescued means bailed out, deliverance, redemption. Saved means rescued.

I don’t ask people if they’ve been “saved.” I find in this day and age, anyone one who hasn’t cashed in their free offer for having a life jacket in the troubled waters of life, and a reservation for a peaceful place afterwards, probably hasn’t had it  explained in laid-back terms. I’m someone who simply follows my Brother, Jesus, because a relationship has been developed with Him, thanks to Sky Dad. It isn’t about a collection of people who’ve taught me about their particular doctrine. But what if I’m not into a set of rituals and a segregated doctrine to adhere to, and if I don’t dress in my Sunday’s finest or have beads to help me pray… am I going to spend my eternity in a spiritual realm of evil and suffering?

God is not an obscured, big, old, mean face in the sky looking down waiting the smite humans who make mistakes. God is my Sky Dad, Light. Light is good. Light, as we’ve found out through science, is miraculously amazing, healing, and necessary to all life on this planet as we know it, except of course mould and select creatures. God is Light. Light is to dispel darkness. From Light comes enlightenment—for understanding a problem or mystery. God is Light, that beacon in the dense fog to guide us on the vast and choppy sea of life.

The human race is an out of control species. We need a leader, we always have. Our Free-will allows our choices; however, coupled up with the ego, we humans need The Light to rescue us from our own demise. Or we can steer out little boats into darkness, no compass, no provisions. Why does it have to be so dark without God, though? Because He wants us to depend on Him the way ducklings follow their mama and learn to swim and eat and survive, bringing forth new generations to learn the same skills.  Sky Dad wants us to hang out with our Devine Brother He created, discover this dependable friendship in Him. Find guidance and dispel loneliness, to ask and be pleasantly surprised to receive what we need. Our Divine Brother died a cruel, torturous, and disturbing death to attach us to Sky Dad in a way we humans would never accomplish on our own.

I could go on, but I think I made key point about old-school phrases. I’m rescued. My Divine Brother, Jesus, is my most dependable buddy, counsellor, confidant, and protector. My Sky Dad has a handle on my life. He always did, I just had to discover that my way when I was 14-years-old. The bible has been handy, too. Proverbs is my favourite book. “Acknowledge me in all your ways and I will keep your path straight.” Proverbs, 3: 6, and I’m grateful to be rescued.

© L. P. Penner, 2015

It’s labour day Monday. I’m off to do pretty much nothing strenuous. I don’t think I’ll even make the bed. Have a hunky dory day. 🙂 God Bless~


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