Cat lovers

Miniature Black Panthers Are Available


Anxious expressions, cries and and paws extended through cages makes it excruciatingly difficult for a cat lover to enter a cat shelter. The plethora of meows beg, competing for a home. Some have been there so long they’ve given up. They lay, hardly lifting their heads. Cats get depressed too. They don’t understand why they now live in a cage without the humans who first brought them home. Perhaps because their fur spotted clothing. Maybe a baby was born. Maybe a lot of reasons, or better put, excuses to rid themselves of the responsibility of the soul living in a cat’s body. To be fair, sometimes it really is necessary to give up a cat to a shelter.

Cats simply get rescued at times. Thank God for the shelter workers. However, sometimes humans act on a whim and get a kitten. Cute kittens grow up and some humans discard them like a ill-fitting garments. It was recently in the news that a man driving a pick up truck entered a drive-through at a Tim Hortons. An employee noticed a moving, tied sac in the back. Long story short, the man was charged with cruelty to animals. The two weak, six-week-old kittens were to be tossed onto the road—because he didn’t want them.

Shelter cats live in cages with small breaks to exercise and stretch, then back into the wire box they go. Every year so many black cats remain. They hardly get adopted, these black cats. People have the notion that they’re evil.

Halloween comes every year, though, and people dress up as witches, Satan, fallen angels, zombies. Some of these same people won’t adopt black cats. Dressing as evil beings and celebrating a costumes isn’t alluring evil? However it may be, a cat’s black coat has nothing to do with evil.

I feed a feral black cat. He’s like a miniature black panther. He won’t allow me too near to him, but he and I communicate with blinks. His slitty eyes and slow slinks mean he is grateful and satisfied. I bend my head slightly and blink which tells him hey, we’re good. Or I greet him with my chin slightly up and one blink. It means what’s up? I learned this by reading many googles sites on cat language. This beautiful creature has claimed my property as his home. I’m honoured that a feral cat trusts me to keep food and water out for him. Endearingly, I called him Babies. Nothing evil has befallen me since I started caring for him.

If you’re considering adopting a cat soon, miniature black panthers are available. You’ll need a lint brush for your whites, but it’s a small price to pay for the elegance of the feline’s sleek and breathtaking presence. I grew up with a black cat. Her presence still lives in my strongest childhood memories. She was fun, tolerant and smart. Thirty-three years ago and I still think of her.

These beautiful black creatures, they aren’t hard to find.

God Bless, thanks for reading~


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