Human Behaviour, Human Nature

Oh-so-human Sympathy


Each flower has a span,
yet before the pedals fall,
rich-planted is the spirit
by which countless seeds land
to spread reminiscences…
and the original grace never ends.

Gradually we understand
that as for each blossom’s hue,
like each human life, it was a plan,
forever to establish colourful,
living reflections.

© L. P. Penner, 2015

Human Behaviour, Human Nature

Oh-so-human Psychiatric Suffering


I have been where you are
in bloodless confines,
damaged heart,
puffy scars—
combating gossip-fueled paranoia.

Let’s go spend some time
on expensive truths;
let me try to dissuade you, sister,
from cryptic dysphoria.

Just you and me talking
in the soft, calm night
outside this human mocking;
you can trust my seasoned insight.

Indifference, ignorance, and fatigue
grow from seeds in them;
relatives and fair weather friends’ stimulus
lead nowhere but to
your psychological hell.

It’s okay, it’s just us.
I won’t ever expect too much.
Your mind is fragile,
your brain’s not well.

Why don’t you put on a jacket
to dispel the harassing chill
—cover up your sleeve
where your heart dwells,
humans are unkind,
it happens all the time.
Some see your sleeve heart
then exploit your mental mind.

It’s okay, it’s just us.
I won’t ever tell
you can’t snap into well,
but snap out of cutting yourself!

Tuck in your soul,
like a door locks
on the place you live, sister.
Then it’s up to you who gets in.

© Lynn P. Penner, 2015

encouragement, Human Nature

Today is Tomorrow’s Memory


Life is grand, but only if you live it.

Laugh out loud when it bubbles up instead of holding it in, see reactions from people and laugh again. Watch and see how many start laughing with you. Roll your pants up after a summer rainstorm and walk in sticky mud. We’re all washable, try it. Drive for miles if you need to and hike the forest and surround yourself with fluttering leaves, kiss the breeze as if it were life’s breath. Play a fun trick on a friend and giggle. Dive into relaxing music and listen like you’re a part of it. Watch a sunrise and sunset within the same day.  Forgive someone and set yourself free of bitterness. Mostly, remember that love is the forever available fruit within reach of every hand, and be at peace with today, because today is tomorrow’s memory.

Life is grand, so find ways to really, truly live.  Good memories can get we humans through a bad day, so assemble good recollections of some kind every day and make a smile easy to achieve every tomorrow.

Thanks for reading~

Human Nature, Spiritual

The Uncivilized Ego


Our human nature may be natural, but it’s the natural we’re trying to tame. This is the ego—worst thing to happen to humans, really. Boot camp down here on this planet is so complex; our egos run uncivilized through our hearts. We are all here to learn how to love unconditionally. Not to say iniquitous persons and demonic behaviours are included in a love-no-matter-what stipulation, evil is evil. We hate what is evil; in a perfect world, we would all recoil from what’s sinister.

Humans are here on the earth to learn enthusiasm for kindness, compassion, altruism. We must be trained to realize that egos can’t do that. Our sense of self-importance and self-esteem exists on a fine line of the me, me, I, I attitude and an ability to survive. But ego is likely the cause a  lot of divorces, tension in the workplace, jealousy, greed, etcetera.

Konecky & Konecky published a book by William Hone called, The Lost Books of the Bible. Jesus’ childhood is a fine example of just how fully human He was on earth. He also had to learn unconditional love, then grown, He taught why it is so important to realize the our ego is our human nature, and egos are primitive and destructive.

I have an ego. We all do. Just how much we let it run screaming naked through out hearts determines what effect we have on the humans around us, and ourselves.

Unconditional love versus ego. Boot camp. Do the best you can, fellow humans. We’re all on this planet to be schooled.

© Lynn P. Penner, 2015

Human Nature

We’re Actors in Life, Perhaps in Disguise


Each day is a stage where drama is laid, where costumes and masks are on characters played. We’re actors in life, perhaps in disguise. Act rich, act poor, act contented, or act pained. React as if purposefully born, or as if long since died.

From yesterday, mistakes were to be discerned, then leave them there with that time, only to reflect upon, as memories are useful… when faults are not dwelled upon. And joys are to cherish each day pleasure comes, for each hardship endured is practice for you, for me to master.

Today has its purpose. Tomorrow is yet to come. Yesterday is finished; only to learn from.

© L. P. Penner, 2008

Human Nature

Oh-so-human Poison


Feels like a nose bleed,
it’s the anger
pushing up blood pressure.

Feels like it’s right,
the hate,
but it’s a trick of non forgiveness
and the futile contest of who wins the hardest hate.

The churning water above, you see,
is the chaotic hurt below, inside one.
It’s the infected wound embedded in the belief
that we’re right.

We are right.
They are wrong…
yet holding that venom
kills us, not them.

© Lynn P. Penner, 2015
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information, Spiritual

A Birthday Wrongly Noticed


Just a quick note today, because I’d like to acknowledge someone’s real birthday.

Jesus’ birthday was September 11. If you google words like “Jesus’ real birthday,” you’ll find numerous articles to choose from. Scientists have gathered information about the ‘star’ the three wise men followed. I’ll let you read for yourself what articles say, because there’re many to choose from and I leave you to make up your own mind; however, it makes sense now why the ‘terrorist attack,’ a world-changing event, happened on 911. Could a scornful act towards God be more accurate than to acknowledge Christ’s birthday with evil mayhem?

We have our different views and beliefs about what happened that dreadful day, but in the end, the 911 occurrence was planned on that day in September for a reason.

I’ll never forget what happened, nor will most people of the world. And today is that anniversary. And Jesus’ birthday.

So today is September 11—happy birthday Jesus, I’m grateful you were physically born into this material world to rescue we humans from our own demise.  

I’m still celebrating Christmas, but as a family gathering and a good turkey dinner. And warm-looking lights that twinkle and set the ambiance as a peaceful and grateful day. But today I will celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a bouquet of vibrant flowers on my table and a song that I’ll make up to dedicate to the One who came and did more that any man has ever done or will do. I can’t sing, but Jesus already knows that isn’t my talent.