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User-Friendly Labels for “ADD/ADHD”


These days there’s medication to calm humans with the gift of distraction. It’s mostly little humans who haven’t yet had a chance to explore it. This is our educational system, at least in the western world, anyway. ADHD kids are a handful, but they mature into hard workers. ADD kids evolve into productive people, too.

When we think about it, isn’t it difficult for anyone to sit for an hour and a half or so and just listen and record notes and pay full attention while being schooled? Perhaps many are able, but the deep thinkers have distracting thoughts. Daydreams we call this. Some say it with a disapproving facial expression like it’s useless. “Daydreaming again…” And yet the dreamers’ reveries, musing, and fantasies create music, and life-changing inventions, soul-arresting art, and written stories or information that outlasts readers’ lives.

Attention Deficit Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Disorder? I find that a tad judgmental. Anyone or no one may agree.

To be more accurate, I have user-friendly labels for this so-called affliction.

Attentional Dreaming Discoveries
Attentional Directive Detour.

Attentional Differences However Devising
Attentional Differences Hail Development.

If the standard label was issued to your intelligent mind, your child’s or any other human you know, the accused are in the good company of these humans. Interestingly, ADD/HD persons may also have or may develop bipolar “disorder,” and you’ll recognize some individuals on the list:

Albert Einstein
Leonardo da Vinci
Robin Williams
Bruce Jenner
Charles Schwab
Henry Winkler
Danny Glover
Walt Disney
John Lennon
Greg Louganis
Winston Churchill
Henry Ford
Stephen Hawkings
Jules Verne
Alexander Graham Bell
Woodrow Wilson
Hans Christian Anderson
Nelson Rockefeller
Thomas Edison
Gen. George Patton
Agatha Christie
John F. Kennedy
Whoopi Goldberg
Thomas Thoreau
David H. Murdock
Dustin Hoffman
Pete Rose
Russell White
Jason Kidd
Russell Varian
Louis Pasteur
Werner von Braun
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Robert Kennedy
Prince Charles
Gen. Westmoreland
Eddie Rickenbacker
Gregory Boyington
Harry Belafonte
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Mariel Hemingway
Steve McQueen
George C. Scott
Tom Smothers
Suzanne Somers
Lindsay Wagner
George Bernard Shaw
Joan Rivers
Jim Carey
Carl Lewis
Jackie Stewart
“Magic” Johnson
John Corcoran
Sylvester Stallone

This list was scooped from http://www.psychcentral.com which is an accurate and dependable site for information regarding mental health.

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2 thoughts on “User-Friendly Labels for “ADD/ADHD”

  1. tamara says:

    I really loved this! You know, there are finally current studies that show it’s the style of education that is failing, not the children. The system needs reform, not the daydreamers who could one day change the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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