Is Being Highly Emotional a Disorder?


Emotionally sensitive individuals have exquisitely structured minds—imaginative, creative, expressive, perceptive, and sensitive—and we’re highly responsive because of this.

Is being highly emotional a disorder? Perhaps it is. That being said, our emotions are a part of being human, so how is it that being inordinately spiritual is a disorder? That in itself isn’t really a disorder per say, because each and every human is overly emotional at one time or another. Watching sports causes emotional outbursts, the birth of our children causes elation, death of loved ones causes profound sadness, etcetera. Emotions are spiritual responses. They come from within us, from our hearts and souls.

Some are more prone to display emotions than others. We who laugh and cry easily, feel indignant, feel a rush of joy, or tear up simply because we see our friend or lover crying, we’re intuitive.  We feel compassion and love, joy, peace. We have faith, gentleness, kindness, meekness—and self control—apparently except for total control of our emotions. And we might be closer to the spiritual realm of God than we think. We were designed in an extraordinary way, after all. It’s a gift to be sensitive, because seeing beyond the surface and conveying emotions through medium is a gift. Ask anyone who loved Robin Williams’ acting or comedy routines. God rest that man’s soul. Bipolar depression trapped him in despair for one last time. I know I’m not the only one who shed salty sadness when that news landed.

Mostly, emotions are temporal, though. We feel and release them, but letting our emotions make decisions isn’t helpful. God guides, emotions glide. We need to release tears as much as anger or laughter. Release it and move on.

Being highly emotional is not a disorder. Some humans’ sensitive feelings and reactions are more prominent, that’s all. We sensitive characters in life are the poets and writers, the artists, the actors, and the counsellors.

Thank God for feelings and imagination. Thank God for those emotional humans who write greeting cards.

Fellow human spirits, have an emotionally rich day and a wonderfully peaceful night.

© L. P. Penner, 2015


3 thoughts on “Is Being Highly Emotional a Disorder?

  1. Totally sensitive and not using it as an excuse. What other way is there to live, but to suppress your emotions. In your fear to feel – you mourn that inability the rest of your life. Love this post.

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