God Helps Greedy Guts Hubby To Reform


The system was that I made dinner and Hubby would get his three-course din-din to go for the next night so he could warm it at work. Well, I made extra one night so I could do something with it the next night. Hungry early the next night and looking forward to an easy din-din, I went to the fridge for the extra. I couldn’t find it. I moved stuff. I squatted down, hung onto the shelves and thoroughly inspected the fridge’s contents. Still, it was gone. I shut the fridge, counted to three, and opened it again. I was looking like a curious dog, you know, how they turn their heads. Then it hit me…my guy left his reasonably-sized  supper container and took my large container of extra. I laughed and laughed—four chicken legs with wrinkled, cold skin on them, shoved carelessly into the container, no veggies, no potato. Ew. Ha! I knew what he was calling about that day. It was either for sympathy or we’d laugh together. I laughed the hardest.

God has a way of letting us know when we need to rethink our behaviours. So there. God can do two things at once. I needed that belly laugh, and Hubby needed to know the biggest isn’t always the best. 😉

L. P. Penner, 2013


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