Funny Facts About God’s Cats


We cats are quite remarkable.
Allow us to explain
what it is about us
that makes us so very vain.

Cats don’t merely walk,
we strut.
And cats don’t need much sleep,
just naps.

We cats rarely feast,
we prefer to nibble.
And we too have different tastes,
some for canned food,
some for kibble.

Cats don’t just jump,
we pounce.
And we’re very agile;
astounding balance.

Cats don’t give in so much
to what you expect of us;
we negotiate,
until you give in to us!

So, if you are so lucky
to be owned by one of us,
or maybe a couple or three,
perhaps you can learn a thing or two
about living independently….

L. P. Penner, 2015


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