It Doesn’t Need To Be Sophisticated

When I was a little girl, I talked to God the way I talked to my dad. I told Him about my day, what was good, what wasn’t. I asked for things I needed. I wondered aloud if I could help someone that day. I told Him He was really, really cool, and I practically clutched his robe and dragged behind him when I needed Him so badly I couldn’t let go. It was simple back then.

As I became older, I noticed Christians used sophisticated language and certain rituals to pray. In churches I chose to check out in my adult years, I found that listening to people repeat after the pastor or minister seemed empty; it was rote. I never bought into it; it didn’t seem like genuine, solid communication to me.  Anyway, perhaps I’m wrong, but what I’ve shared today is what gets me through, not being highly evolved in the rules of prayer: 


Creating a prayer to be heard
is more simple than you think.
Just close your eyes,
see not the world,
but imagine love instead.

Cuddle up with the warmth today,
the One of mighty strength,
and be absorbed in the shelter there
that cold rain does not penetrate.

Ask for all in Jesus’ name,
for He went through the same heartache
that we all do struggle with
in our lives this day.

Close your eyes and say
whatever’s on your mind,
good or bad to report,
Jesus hears all your prayers
and delights in your given time.

He understands what’s on your heart
even if it’s just tears some days.
And that’s the beauty of spending
time with the one who knows
His family with ageless intimacy.

© L. P. Penner, 2008


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