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Poetically Correct


Sometimes, when I’m not expecting it, I hear the still, small voice:

My Little Lamb, why don’t you write down this poem,
I have a lot to say, but not to you alone.

Dear Precious Ones,
fret not of your troubles,
worry not of your wrongs,
yet converse with Me about them
in the privacy of your room.

I am here to listen
if it takes the whole night long.
I am here to guide your mission,
just ask for grace each dawn.

There is nothing you cannot tell me, I’m the son of God. 
I am here for you always; I know your suffering seems long. 
I just ask you of one thing while you talk to me alone,
and that is to reach way down deep and be honest to the bone.

Confidentiality within We Three, I, Jesus, will talk to my Father, and Spirit who came down.
It is We who make the Three In One: a family run counselling team of teaching, guidance and love.
What is the hurt to render you hopeless, to feel that I am not found?
If you cannot explain in words, by your precious tears, I will discern.

Trust in your instincts,
for your essence knows I adore you
like no one could before.
What is it you need? Just ask Me for help.
Then you must listen, and trust in My competent counsel.

Mention often your
recall them all
to keep you going forward
in the midst of your inner wars.  

L. P. Penner


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