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Ten Really Important Suggestions

PRAYER FOR UNDERSTANDING: Hi, Jesus, thanks for always listening to prayers. Old-fashoined language is on my mind. It’s just that it sounds so severe in our modern world to hear or read that we must obey the Ten Commandments. Is it okay to change that slightly to say Ten Imperative Rules? See, my take on this is our Free-will. So if our modern world could better understand this concept You’ve laid out, we humans might be easier to contend with, because we would have a fresh take on this obeying and this commandment business. You only ever want the best for people. I know that, Jesus, most of we humans know that. So can You help me to go through the big 10 and make it seem less for the days of old and more for humankind in today’s world? Yeah? Cool, here goes then:

  1. He IS God, not your stuff or other people or substances. There are no other gods, just Him. And I don’t believe He is a mean, scrutinizing face in the sky, either. He created us, why wouldn’t He be caring?
  2.  Graven images are heavenly or earthy things you make to worship.  They are off limits, end of it.
  3. Never bow down to or serve any god but Him; not singers, celebrities, public figures etcetera. He is jealous, and will not forgive for three or four generations, so do your kids a solid and heed this.
  4. Remember that childhood game where you knock on someone’s door then run? It’s even worse than that to say Jesus’ /God’s name uselessly. Work on that, because we aren’t held guiltless for it.
  5. For our own good, take the sabbath day to kick back and rest. God knows how people burn out, so rest and dedicate time to visit with God/Jesus. While you’re at it, anyone who works for you is also given rest, even animals.
  6. Give merit to your parents. Maybe you have just one, so honour them. That’s a hard one, I think. Some parents are really messed up these days, but do your best since if it weren’t for them, there’d be no you, of course, and you’ll receive blessings for honouring them the best you can.
  7. Don’t murder your fellow humans in cold blood. Jail’s nothing compared to judgement.
  8. Have one partner, (tall order, I know), marry them and don’t cheat on them. This means pornography, too. There are more reasons for that than the obvious.
  9. Stealing is, was and has always been wrong. Leave other people’s stuff alone. That means don’t even covet others’ things and life. It leads no where good, honest.
  10. Lying is a huge mistake. Either you’ll make a fool of yourself, or the other guy gets hurt. It isn’t acceptable to God. It shouldn’t be acceptable to us, either. Please don’t lie about others, like gossiping. Cage the beast, folks.
  11. There is no 11, but I’m not sure how to take off the bullets. Anyway, if this helped, let me know, because I really feel like I’m sticking my neck out here, my attempt is innocent, not deliberate blasphemy. I’m not a minister. I’m a writer. Just a layman with ideas. Happy weekend, everyone~

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