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Ask and Watch What Happens

Dear listening God:

I know it isn’t good to assume, but I’m pretty sure there’re countless people looking for better jobs. I feel for the moms or dads, or both, who are struggling to support their families. I’ve been there and I know what it’s like to send a kid to school in thrift shop clothing; to have to tell a kid that they can’t go on a school field trip because there isn’t enough money. I know what it’s like to be marked out in a grocery store when sifting through food to be left behind is a hard decision because there isn’t enough money in the bank account, and each item is needed. It’s stressful and wearying when bills come in and the cost is more than the funds coming in. You know just what I mean, Jesus. The list goes on. Everything so freakin’ expensive these days.

Would You to please help in whatever way is specific to each person struggling to make ends meet? You always somehow help me when I ask, so please create the circumstances necessary for the burden of poverty to lift off Your people. Also, bring those people who need this prayer to read it so they can agree on it. It is true that where two or more gathered in Your name, You will be there. Amen. Thanks, Jesus, for listening.

Your penner of prayer,



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