The Human Experience ‘kills’ people.


Does life travel on a train to a place arranged, or, do we risk this trip unknown? Spend our a ticket to be transmitted light years away from home? Do we know why this trek is a material world, why some ride first-class, why some crouch in cargo? Do we remain on the train an equal while, or depart by the plan of tomorrow?

Is destiny determined by deeds towards those near our seats? Or is our fate in the fine print on the flip side of our ticket, decided by long ago? We passengers only ride till we crash, or till our contract here is met. And who decides our baggage, increased through each scene we go? I heard that we pack our own and add to it as we travel. Bitterness or forgiveness, self-control or self-made sorrow; kind deeds or gratuitous greed? The human experience ‘kills’ people.

We stumble or stand through Earth’s dark tunnels. The train ride’s a mere twinkle. And the stations are full, tickets stamped with “Free” bestowed by He whom grants each with Free-will to play our best game yet. Some perform to finish, and some just quit; others, they succumb and live with regret. The journey is never easy, and no one said it would be. Where we travel depends on our goal. People need goals.

The objective depends on our own beliefs. Selfishly we think we know which track leads more quickly, but life isn’t to be rushed through, nor does it suit only our own needs. There are many mandates to guide us. And there are barricades and obstacles. Pay attention to where you go, remember the scenes, play your role, ride the train, and grow. Learn from troubles; learn from blessings. If life were so easy for everyone, then what’s the point of living?

The journey… is all about learning. Earth is Boot Camp—crash course for we spirits being humans.

© L. P. Penner, 2015


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