Tranquil Forest


Sometimes it’s too much to handle… life’s quizzes, life’s thorny paths, and riddles. Yet the tranquil forest has answers when the solitary soul stepping on rich dark soil, is yours. In the valley of dark days, there are lilies at your feet. Grand trees tower over to protect the forest visitor from the busy world. Rustling leaves pour out peace on the soul seeking refuge. And bring your needs to your King, who waits for your stillness to hear Him speak. In the valley of dark days, brilliant lilies guide your path. Hike beneath the protective tree tops which sway gently in God’s breeze. Savour warm patches of sunshine between branches of lit-up leaves. Observe clouds on their way somewhere as your mind floats afar from worldly cares. And to you, your trusting heart brings the voice of our Master, the voice of our King. In the valley of dark days, scented lilies lighten despair. Lay in the soft pedals, let go and dream. Inhale the sweet scent of escape to peace. Walk with confidence on your journey. Ride the majestic eagle above earthly worries. In the valley of dark days, just as lilies are at your feet, so is love all around you.

© L. P. Penner, 2015


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