They Know Me, Wisdom


It is I, said Wisdom,
who brings to mankind
the choice to love life
or to succumb to death.
That choice is Free-will.

It is I, said Wisdom,
who is able to inspire
mankind to follow the
I AM who made each
morsel of Earth and
creature and breath.

The universe and its twinkling stars,
the burning suns and reticent moons,
the elliptical orbiting planets, the butterflies,
winds and mammals, animals, they know me,
Wisdom. I am she who is
directed by He, the omniscient.

And reject not inevitable Peril,
for it is she who heaps upon you
strategy through training
which brings forth strength
and insight and personal dexterity.

It is I, said Wisdom
who knows not to
deceive, but
to wholly discern.

© L. P. Penner, 2015


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