Perceptions Poetry


Each day is new and real,
as yesterday is old and late.
Day by day we must chip away
at sorrow, guilt, anger, and hate.

To our misfortune we all make the mistake
of allowing these feelings to build up on our plate.
As sure as the sun rises announcing tomorrow,
these feelings will haunt us instead of guiding us forward.

Talking and sharing, crying and caring,
laughing and loving, or hating and hurting…
prone to emotions, we are created the same.
Whether peaceful or despairing, we seem played like a game.

Sane or disturbed?
Who owns the blame?
We were all born with an instinct to never bury our pain.
We all need to realize why God made us this way.

To hold our minds hostage—a mirrored maze!
Find someone to talk with, unashamed.
Understanding brings comfort and remember me saying,
“Someone you trust can hug away pain.”

A talk over coffee, a laugh over tea,
or a cry due to tension.
And every tear shed will find happiness,
And the peace will set your fears free.

Anxiety fades… as we are finding sunshine.

© L. P. Penner, 1999


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