Perceptions Poetry

Sorry fellow humans, I’m still trying to learn the formatting, so I have to ask if you’ll imagine this in single space and verse. 🙂


God said to me:

I am sending you on a journey.

I have made for you a plan

that will last until your mission ends.

I lent to your spirit a body

to take you through this journey,

to touch and taste, smell, feel and see

the gifts on earth from me.

My spirit is linked to your core;

of eternity, your soul knows.

That pith I gave you before you left

is wisdom to remember from heaven.

Let not your heart be heavy,

you will not be far from me

and angels will guard you always,

although, them, you may not see.

Many things will happen to you

and you will make things happen, too.

Life will have its ups and downs;

you will smile and also frown.

You will make mistakes

and fall from grace,

but I will always forgive,

when your heart is honest within.

You must remember, child, who your Father is.

Share with Me concerns you have,

and I will collect each word, shed tear, and thought in my hand….

You will not be abandoned while you exercise each lesson.

I will watch over you with My spirit; I will hold your life in My hands.

And when you need to yell at me, just know I will understand;

your human form is emotional, but I remain true and practical,

for I am God your Father, and you—my child—my plan.

I tell you these things, my cherished,

that you may comprehend, you can tell me anything,

whether it is good or bad.

My son is also there for you, He is my right-hand Lamb.

He is your Brother, He is your friend,

I sent Him to rescue man.

Your path on Earth will be narrow,

audience to His tutorial,

yet precise your perspective to learn

about what joy your soul should earn.

So now off you go on your journey

to do the best that you can do,

to love your fellow humans…

the way that I love you.

Love always, Dad.

© L. P. Penner, 2003


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