Oh-so-human Middle Years


Mid-life is closing in.

The tic of the clock begins to talk,

and we know it’s time to listen

as life’s mirror offers our inner reflection.

The power of our youth has dwindled.

Awakened while whimsically wasteful,

reality has forced its course to shatter

our illusion of eternal tomorrows.

It seems one day we wake up knowing

we’re halfway there already.

Naturally, we begin our reasoning

of where and how we’ve been.

There’s not a thing we can do

to reverse the said and done,

but how quickly we realize what should and could have been

— “If only,” we say, and “What if?”

The long hand of our clock shakes its finger…

we’ve wished our chance too late.

And in our mid-mind crisis we linger

eating off our self-filled plate.

We do not think there is time enough

to scrape off all the waste,

so instead we must add to it,

the wisdom we now have attained.

And eating mistakes of our “invincible” age

is precisely how we gain

the weight of wisdom in our middle age…

it’s the power, the know-how to change.

© L. P. Penner, 2009


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