The Back of an Envelope Scribbling:


Do you wonder who is in control

of your life as it is known?

Why do things happen

along your tailored road…

It’s good and it’s poor.

It’s grand and it’s sorrow.

It’s to believe and receive,

or ignore and grow cold.

What do you believe in?

What do you know?

What is your strongest wish,

and what is your goal?

Maybe it depends

on the heart you have within;

bitterness, non-forgiveness,

or an open mind and letting go.

What do you have about you,

inside and around?

Will these things you do cherish

go with you when you’re gone?

This material plane is practice.

It’s here that we should learn

what trading bad for good is,

and how life is not our own.

It is here on earth we find out

that trials are how we grow

into our flesh, or spirit and soul.

Gather all the greatness

and harvest your purpose.

Your deeds are how you’ll know

the difference

between what love is,

and what you think you know.

© L. P. Penner, 2008


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