Hello fellow Human Spirits!

This is my first post, and I think my technology-lacking brain worked with me to get this far.

I’ll be posting oh-so-human issues here, and the theme is spirituality mostly. Poetry and short stories all of which are true. I’m a believer in my Big Brother, He’s my problem solver, my advice giver, my friend, my boss, the love of my life. His name is Jesus, but affectionally I call Him Je. I don’t subscribe to any denomination. Right or wrong, it’s just my belief.

If you enjoy my posts, I’m grateful, so thanks.

My mind is reeling, I have a lot to learn here, and I will, because I think it’s too late to back out.  See me also at: google.com/+LynnPPennerfictionandstuff


6 thoughts on “Hello fellow Human Spirits!

    • Hi, Johnny! Thanks, I appreciate that, and I’m endeavouring to blog daily. If I can get my Canadian self wrapped around this blogesphere,I’ll be in awe of my non technical brain, LOL. 🙂


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