The Last Stretch

Oh-so-human Trials

Don’t despair if someone is resisting your goal. Perhaps celebrate it as a sign that you’re closer than you thought. No matter what you’re heading toward, keep driving your efforts until you can stab a flag in it.

Lynn P. Penner

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Humans Need Goals

Some would say, “The longer the better.” So I took the traditional publishing route. Once I sign a contract, the printing, cover—and release will be one goal in life checked off. Humans need goals.

“They All Wore Black” Drama/Suspense fiction for adults. Possible release autumn, 2016.

Fifteen-year-old Brad Fadden trudges with his head down and his guard up. His mother did nothing to stop the anguish. She’s fearfully reticent about it. His protective sister fled at the age of sixteen because of it, and the family’s raw scars spread far deeper than what their clothes can cover.

It’s 1988; ganja, cocaine—whatever—easy snag for minors. Even so, Brad’s illusion of escape does not subdue his resentments and suspicions. He’s compelled to harass his dead, psychopathic father’s inept boozing pal. The guarded truth is pivotal, and the drunken buddy may be the only one who knows it.

Supernatural occurrences forewarn Brad, leaving him to think he’s crazy, but he can’t stop prying. They say, The truth will set you free. They’re wrong.

Lynn P. Penner


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January’s End

Oh-so-human Intentions

Sometimes it’s just the middle of January and BAM—there goes a resolution—swirling, plummeting out of reach.

Is it that we fickle  humans aren’t steadfast in our “Dear Me” loyalties? Are expectations too high, or perhaps the initial “Happy New Year” excitement spurred us on? Did you do it? Did you promise yourself? To what extent?

Nice instead of nasty? Walk the dog twice no matter the weather? Eat less, dance more? Read more fun stuff, less news? Nicotine freedom? Treat coffee with more respect?

What really, really matters deep within?

A quote has been at eye level in my writing lair for years. I find it to be most effective in January, and it self propels itself. It is, perhaps, a doable resolution:

“I am only one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something, And, I will not let what I can’t do interfere with what I can do. The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will. [Edward Everett Hale] (1822-1909)

Thank you, Sir.